Nepal’s CIAA acts on complaint regarding access to traditional water sources of indigenous community in Gorkha

1 October 2013

In response to an informal complaint regarding obstructions to access traditional sources of water for indigenous community in Gorkha district in western Nepal, Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has informed that complaint has been submitted to the concerned authorities.

Indigenous Gurung and Magar people in Bakrang village of the district have been denied access to freely use two major traditional sources of water located in public land for years now. The public land was sold under individual title in collaboration of few locals and land registration and measurement officials in 2008. The landowner, without information to the locals, began diverting sources for selling water to another in mid-2012 to which the locals protested and the diversion stopped. More

INDIA, Andaman And Nicobar Islands – VIP ‘Human Safari’ Organized By Top Cop Tasked With Ending Scandal

8 March

Jarawa woman from the Andamans. Her tribe is at risk from 'human safaris'.
Jarawa woman from the Andamans. Her tribe is at risk from ‘human safaris’.
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The second most senior policeman on the Andamans has been caught organizing a VIP ‘human safari’ despite being tasked with the job of protecting the Jarawa tribe.

Sanjay Baniwal, the Andaman’s Inspector General of Police, used his seniority to guarantee an exclusive trip into the Jarawa Reserve with his relatives and a Hindu priest.

He was able to meet the tribe at a pre-arranged location after the Jarawa Protection Police made 18 members of the tribe wait for over an hour until he arrived.

The Jarawa had been on their way to Temple Myo creek to catch fish when they were interrupted and made to participate in the ‘human safari’ for the senior officer.

Ironically, Baniwal was given the specific role of monitoring all activity on the Andaman Trunk Road shortly after the ‘human safari’ scandal broke out. More

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